Baby Carpenter Coming in November

Here I am full of so many emotions and excitement trying to find the right words for this post. I have known Kat and Jared for as long as I’ve been here in VA. Almost 14 years now. I met Kat while working at my first job at a nearby grocery store. She was so sweet and funny. We became friends. She soon met Jared shortly after I met her and their love set off. Years passed and these two were inseparable. Kat was amazing with kids! She had her own 2 fur babies and definitely wanted children in the future. They even helped my husband and I several times when we needed a sitter. Best sitter ever. She always talked about kids but that would come after marriage. Took some years but a very nervous Jared finally proposed in 2014. The best part, I was there to capture it. When he dropped to his knee, she cried and said “about damn time.” It was the funniest, yet sweetest moment. They soon married in 2016.

But, shortly before the big “I do’s”, Kat became ill. Went through several test. Lots of worry, stress and tears. Test after test, pill after pill but, no diagnosis. On her wedding day, she held it together even though it was a struggle. She was weak and in pain. I felt awful as I was the one documenting the day that was supposed to be filled with joy. Even though she wasn’t physically okay, she was very happy to be marrying the man of her dreams.

The honeymoon passed and the illness took a huge toll on her body which led to weight loss. After several months, the doctors finally broke the news that she was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. Week after week, with Jared, her mom and stepdad by her side, Kat became weak. Her body was beat. She could barely get up to do anything. “Sleepless nights, not eating, completely drained, sleeping any free second I had, missed time with friends and family, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, major weight loss, lots of stress trying to make the right decision to get me back to “normal,” is how she explained it.  The very thought of being able to start a family haunted her. How could they have a baby when her body wasn’t okay to try. None of the medications the doctors gave her seemed to help.

Eventually the doctors gave her some other options. She then started a new medicine and received an infusion at 2 weeks, 4weeks, and then 8 weeks, but felt no changes. The dosage was then increased to every 4 weeks. After 4 long months of every 4 week infusions, her inflammation levels began to drop! She began to see and feel drastic improvements.

Here they are now having me share the best news yet! Kat is HEALTHY! She can eat whatever she likes, has gained some of her weight back, and feels 100% again! They are ready to make up for the past 2 years that the illness has taken from them along with this HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!


After taking 2 pregnancy test, on March 27th, Kat sent Jared on a scavenger hunt throughout their house which led him outside to find out the best news! He would soon have a new little fishing buddy.

Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out for the 38th time since she told me. They have longed for this moment. A moment that they thought could possibly never happen, IS HAPPENIN’!!