Monét + Jason | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Shenandoah Mountain Engagement Session

Not a fan of blind dates?! That’s what Jason told his sister which had given him Monét’s number. Monét worked with his sister at a nearby sneaker store and had told Monét that she would hook them up since they were both single. He contemplated for a few months on what to do. After sitting on it, he didn’t want to just call or text so he went by her job. Since she was extremely busy, he decided not to try and chat but rather he just signed up for a new pair of sneakers that would soon be released. She didn’t know it was him. A few days later, he sent her a text. Those text led to conversations over the phone which led to this amazing relationship they now share.

These two are lovers of laughter and food! “We are both silly, so laughter is a must. We laugh at each other, ourselves, and most importantly with each other,” Monét shared. I first met them a few years ago for Monet’s 30th birthday photoshoot, they definitely showed me how much they enjoy each others presence. While getting to know them more, they both share a joy in eating. Monét describes themselves as self proclaimed foodies. Taking every moment to travel to different places to experience various cultures of foods. While they love to have their time out with each other, they equally enjoy chilling at home in their jammies, cuddling while watching movies on Netflix. They share a special friendship and bond. “We support one another, uplift each other, and we are happy doing it. We value family and are committed to one day starting our own. We love that we can be ourselves with each other, expressing ourselves without judgement.”

What do you love most about him?

“I love Jason because he loves all of me and shows it with the way that he cares for me. He supports me and helps push me towards my goals. He is compassionate, loving, smart, and selfless. He makes me feel beautiful inside and out. When I am down, he knows how to pull me out. He stimulates my mind and always provides me with another prospective. He is strong mentally. He is a family man. He makes me smile and laugh. He is encouraging and gives me a sense of peace. He is confident in his skin. I love that he has a desire to succeed. He makes me feels safe. He is a protector. I love that I can be so comfortable around him. I love that he spoils me, emotionally and physically. I love being his lady. He is so cute! I love his beard. His comfortable style. I love his lips. His height. His skin. His eyes!”

What do you love most about her?

“She wants me to win. She wants to win. She wants us to win. She genuinely wants me to do well and to be happy, and she works tirelessly to keep us on track. She'll never let me fail, and I love feeling the sense of responsibility that comes with being her man. She's a doer, go-getter; makes things happen out of nothing. She has so much initiative and ambition; puts her mind into something does it full throttle, backs it up with tremendous work ethic and dedication. She's compassionate. She knows what "family" is and she values it. She inspires me and encourages me. She makes me smile. Makes me laugh. She's got a great sense of humor. She makes me happy. I love that she's equally comfortable in a dress and heels or some sweatpants and sneakers. I love her skin. I love her hair. I love her scent. Her smile and her laugh. Her curves. The way she looks at me. Her fashion sense.”

Tell me about the proposal

“Jason proposed on December 30, 2018 at a romantic restaurant in D.C. To me it seemed like a regular date night but little did I know that it would lead to one of the best days of my life. After dinner, he snuck and told the restaurant manager that he was trying to propose to me, who set up two glasses of champagne on a table in the outside terrace. When we were leaving the restaurant, we walked through the outside terrace which was dimly lit with string lights (so romantic). As we were walking, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to pop the question. I cried like a baby, lol.”